Digital Marketing Consulting

I offer my services to help organizations increase their online visibility. I specialize in:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Paid Search (PPC: AdWords & Bing, DoubleClick, Marin, Kenshoo)
  • Web Analytics (Google Analytics, WebTrends, Adobe Site Catalyst)
  • Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Linkedin)
  • Content Strategy
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Event Concepting
  • Event Marketing

Who Should Contact Me

Ideal clients include those who align with my values, including environmental, educational and humane organizations that value integrity, kindness & collaboration.


I’ve been making and promoting websites for 22 years — since 1995. I started as a web developer, became a software engineer after college and then went back to grad school to study marketing and business, graduating in 2006. I’ve been a full-time digital marketer ever since, working at both agency & client side and now independent. I enjoy the strategy and measurability of digital marketing. Being an engineer, I like to feel valuable. I have worked with large companies like Patagonia and Orbitz as well as small nonprofits and individuals.

Digital Marketing Core Services

My most commonly consulted services are SEO & Paid Search. Web analytics is a critical piece of any digital marketing engagement because it’s usually how channel performance is measured. I’m certified in Google (Analytics & AdWords), Kenshoo (Search & Social) and Marin and I teach graduate students how to certify in Google Analytics & AdWords, so I consider myself well versed in these tools. I am also certified in Menlo Innovation’s High Tech Anthropology for project management methodologies.  I find the most desirable skill in my SEO arsenal is my integrity; the digital marketing industry is inundated with people who lack honesty & transparency and my clients tend to appreciate my candor and honesty above my other qualities.

I offer consulting in content marketing as well, which is important for high quality SEO and PPC. Google’s Quality Score is the crux of ranking well across channels. Relevance is key and content must be compelling and optimized for both search engines and people in order to rank highly and convert traffic. Creating a content strategy and calendar helps keep content creation & publishing an ongoing process.

Conversion optimization is the practice of optimizing a page to improve conversion and I find it to be critical for understanding what visitors are doing on your site, especially if you have a conversion event (such as e-commerce or a contact form).

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