Digital Marketing Education

I teach digital marketing concepts including:

  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • PPC (pay per click, aka paid search)
  • Web Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing

I teach at the University of Iowa MBA program in Iowa City, General Assembly in Chicago and Ascend Training in Chicago. In addition to teaching classes I also teach individual students, businesses & nonprofit organizations.

I’ve taught the past 5 years at the University of Iowa using Google Grants, which gives me the opportunity to teach MBA students important tools (digital marketing, Google AdWords & Google Analytics) while also teaching them the importance of giving back.  The benefits of this model include:

  • Students learn hands-on digital marketing without spending client money or risking client relationships
  • Students gain the opportunity to give back to their communities (this teaches purpose)
  • Nonprofit organizations gain free traffic and consulting for their digital marketing 
(have a positive impact on the world).

The significance: research shows that people gain motivation and happiness in people’s jobs using creative cognitive thinking when they exhibit:


  • Mastery of tasks (hands-on proficiency)
  • Are allowed to do this (autonomy)
  • Have positive impact (purpose)These elements are all provided by teaching with this method.  The following charts underscore the need for this sort of hands-on approach to education.  The learning pyramid shows that active learning is the most effective approach compared to the most often used passive learning techniques:learning pyramid


This chart shows the relative effectiveness of several different types of learning:


Learning Methods

I also integrate fun in the classroom with humor. Humor is an effective tool in education for a variety of reasons:

  • humor activates more areas of the brain
  • it strengthens memory;
  • increases optimism;
  • reduces fear and;
  • increases student involvement.

Furthermore, humor is the number 1 appreciated quality by students in rating reviews [source].  Respectful joking in classrooms sets a tone that reduces fear so people feel more comfortable being vulnerable and more likely to ask questions. When possible, I try to integrate cat jokes. Here is my inspiration for cat jokes, the illustrious Dr. Carlitos Roberto Cardoni:

Cat Matt Cardoni