Google Grants

Google offers a philanthropic tool called Google Grants.  Google Grants are AdWords grants worth up to $10,000/month in paid search clicks from Google to a 501c3 non-profit organization’s website (ongoing). If you use the full value of a grant more than 2 months in calendar year, you can apply for a $40,000/month grant.  So far I’ve helped over 20 organizations secure and maximize their value from Google Grants, generating over $3 Million worth of website traffic, including:

The Nature Museum
Working Bikes
Center for Neighborhood Technology
Greenheart Shop
Faith in Place
One Iowa
Erasing the Distance
Chicago Contemporary Circus Fest
Play for Peace
Children’s Heart Foundation
Crisis Center of Johnson County
Climate Ride
Ann Arbor Hands On Museum

This is far more than I could have afforded to give to community organizations myself. So thank you Google!

I also teach digital marketing using Google Grants because they are active Google AdWords accounts that allow people to practice hands-on with live data without spending money on media. This method allows people to give back to the community by helping nonprofits while learning digital marketing at the same time. I won an award for this work from the US Search Awards in 2013.

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